Our wheelhouse is providing two flavours of coaching: career + leadership.


With thousands of coaching hours under our belts, we shine brightest when we assist clients achieve extraordinary results garnered through new awareness, clarity and perspectives.

c2 clients gain insights that lead to improved decision-making skills, heightened interpersonal/intrapersonal effectiveness and increased confidence. They discover how to connect to their values, maximize their skills, build on their strengths and make choices that work for them. Bottom line: They create actions that help them, their teams or their organizations flourish and ultimately achieve their goals. 


our approach


Our coaching approach is inspired and informed by the following beliefs:


+ Focus on the positive. We’ll help you identify your strengths and what’s possible for your career and your capacity as a leader (even if that means leading yourself).


+ Uncover new options and opportunities. Everyone has a blind spot (or two or three). Together we'll unearth choices that you may not have considered on your own.


+ Develop new abilities. There may be some muscles that you need to build to get you to where you want to go.


+ Discover more about yourself. Knowing what matters to you is key. It gives you the motivational juice to pursue new paths so you can increase your fulfillment and performance at the same time.

Looking to take your career or leadership to the next level?

Let's talk. Start a conversation that could change today how you live, work and lead tomorrow.



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